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Our data science specialists discuss the considerations and challenges associated with microbiome research. 

Many of the data management and analysis challenges in microbiome research are shared with genomics and other life-science big-data disciplines. However there are aspects that are specific: some are intrinsic to microbiome data, some are related to the maturity of the field, with others related to extracting business value from the data.

Eagle Genomics is a world leader for microbiome data management. Our specialist systems and consultants offer a new rapid deployment for microbiome R&D organizations looking to build world-class integrated workflows.


Our Eagle experts provided their insights at this FREE webinar:

Dr Craig McAnulla LinkedIn 

Senior Consultant Bioinformatics at Eagle Genomics 

Craig earned his Ph.D. in Microbology at the University of Warwick, he then completed his Postdoctoral research at the John Innes Centre before joining EBI and developing their bioinformatics capability. Dr McAnulla has extensive experience in developing large scale pipelines for analysing microbiome datasets. His skills cover both software and biology and he often provides deep insights to industry experts on these topics.


Dr Raminderpal Singh LinkedIn

Vice President Business Development at Eagle Genomics

Raminderpal earned his PhD in the semiconductor industry where he spent a decade building advanced technologies for semiconductor modelling and data mining. In 2012, Dr Singh took the helm as the Business Development Executive for IBM Research’s genomics program, where he developed and led the execution of the go-to-market and business plan for the IBM Watson Genomics program. In addition to many published papers, Dr Singh has two books and twelve patents.