Enabling novel discovery

A conversational learning platform unravelling the connections within the world's life sciences data

Life sciences data holds the key to solving the world's greatest health and environmental challenges, but how can researchers channel the data deluge to develop novel products and treatments?

Using the e[datascientist] to harness the full potential of life sciences data, organisations can achieve product differentiation, mitigate risk and deliver products to users and treatments to patients, faster.


The most informed landscape

  • Our platform integrates multi-dimensional open-source and internal datasets to provide the widest, richest and most informed view of an area of interest

  • Using augmented AI and metadata analysis to provide contextualisation, the platform's valuation tool allows users to rapidly assess data relevance within a single interface

  • Valuation drastically improves the chance of success in subsequent lab research

  • By effectively curating and validating the relevant data, the platform reveals previously overlooked connections which enable novel discovery


Accessed in the easiest way

  • The e[datascientist] uses a single intuitive interface which enables a conversation between the data and the scientist

  • A cloud-based conversational interface, the platform empowers scientists to discover novel insights without the need for data science expertise