An intuitive platform for the food and beverage industry

Network science - To feed the innovation funnel in large-scale organizations

Time to move from linear data analysis to dynamic, multidimensional graphic exploration which can enable scientists to identify links, patterns and elements previously gone undetected. 

Addressing the hardest questions in food

  • Make scientific plant-based product claims.
  • Delve into animal biology and create nutrition rich food and feed through in-depth analysis of intestinal microbiota present in animal hosts.
  • Develop healthy packaged products with the right balance of micronutrients and probiotics.
  • Understand the role of the gut microbiome present in humans in order to address immunity issues, diabetes, obesity and more.
  • Analyze the relationship between health and mental wellness in humans

Food questions

Data exploration 

Eagle Genomics’ data models are represented as knowledge graphs with remarkable granularity, showing how entities relate in a complex multi-omics landscape. The e[datascientist]’s exploration capabilities applies a data driven approach that encompasses network science and graph theory to:

  • Provide a curated and catalogued data repository generated from multiple databases such as KEGG, Human Metabolite Database, FooDB etc. 


  • Enable scientists to infer key relationships, and the strength of those relationships, between different entities via an intuitive scoring system. 
  • Equip teams to normalize, standardize and correct data for further statistical analysis and graph exploration.
  • Provide scientists with the ability to improve hypothesis formulation through an interactive and exploratory data analysis approach, and apply the formulated hypotheses on a broad range of datasets.


“The world needs us to get at these innovations and new technologies at a much faster pace than we historically have, so we are partnering with others like Eagle Genomics.”
Chuck Warta, President of Cargill Health Technologies



The e[datascientist] - helping you generate scientific product claims

Eagle Genomics’ e[datasicentist] platform leverages network science, AI, multilayer hypergraph technology and causal analysis programming. The technology is combined with an intuitive conversational interface to engage scientists to identify and test valuable hypotheses, discover connections and generate insights which can be used to drive step change in valuable innovation.

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